Dynamedia Technical Services is proud to announce our very own C.F.A.A certified Fire Alarms technician, Paul Pouliot. Paul is qualified to test and inspect your Fire Alarm System and trained to ensure every device works properly. From Apartment complexes to Businesses, we test everything and give a full detailed report on your systems functionality.   

  Building and Fire Codes require an annual test for all Fire Alarm Systems, whether residential or commercial. 

  We also examine and test emergency lighting to ensure you're not left in the dark when the power's out.

  Offering competitive pricing and years of experience.



  It takes knowledge and special attention to detail to ensure that your system is operating at 100% capacity. It's there to prevent loss of life and to minimize property damage as much as possible. We take special consideration when inspecting your Fire Alarm, as even the best Fire Alarm system can be rendered useless without proper and professional maintenance.